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turbine / タービン

January 23, 2019

15 September 1961, Austria
15th Anniversary of Nationalized Industries: Turbine
design: A. Pilch / engraver: Georg Wimmer

Another stamp depicting a factory interior with a large rotor of a generator.  Looks like a massive and heavy machine, diagonally hung from a gantry – and somehow it evokes lightness.  Beautiful intaglio work.


Steelworks / 製鉄所

January 9, 2019

15 September 1961, Austria
15th Anniversary of Nationalized Industries: Steelworks, Linz
design: A. Pilch / engraver: Georg Wimmer

A modest mono colour, but with elaborate engraving makes this stamp very powerful.


oxidized silver love / いぶし銀の♡

February 13, 2012

6 February 2001, United Kingdom
Love / Occasions
design: Springpoint Design

Since I arrived to Tokyo last week, I have been seeing a lot of ‘hearts’ floating in window displays, on greeting cards, balloons attached to temporary chocolate stands – yes, St. Valentine’s Day! Here in Japan, 14 February is a big day, when women are able to express their love to men with a package of chocolate.  In fact, a lot of little ribboned boxes are given to male colleagues, male teachers, fathers, grandfathers and even sons.

I admit that those bubbly hearts cheer up this cold winter towns, and also make you to think about delivering your love.  But I think that love can be expressed every day, not necessarily with floating pink hearts, but with something subtle and blended into your daily life – something like in this oxidized silver.

This is my favourite set with hallmark letters on sliver and nice patina.





French weathercock / フランスの風見鶏

July 13, 2011

1 December 1973, France
50th Anniversary of French Chambers of Agriculture
design & engrave: Pierre Béquet

A prominent ironwork on top of a traditional farm house – was weathervane.  Before the weather forecast was developed, people try to read the weather by the wind and clouds, to plan their day.

Since the Tour de France started, I am concerned about the weather in France – today, those tough guys had to ride against heavy rain and strong side winds.  Cavendish had won his 18th stage champion – with clenched teeth!



the power of the spiral / うずまきの力

July 7, 2011

9 February 1970, Sweden
Memorial Cross, Ekshärad churchyard
Weathervane, Soderala Church
engrave: M. Franzén (5ö) and H. Gutschmidt (30ö)

One of the features which catches my eye when I see ironwork is the spiral.  There is some kind of power there, especially when they exist in numbers.  A lot of spirals – somehow makes me stare at them and be hypnotised.

This series of stamps, definitives from Sweden, are simple and powerful examples to reproduce the power of the spiral.



door with iron spirals / 鉄のうずまきの扉

July 5, 2011

9 February 1970, Sweden
14th-century door, Biörksta Church
engrave: H. Gutschmidt

I strongly believe that in a former life I was a Medieval blacksmith somewhere in Europe!

My favorite room in the Victoria &Albert Museum is the Ironwork gallery on level 3 and my favorite museum in France is Musée Le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen.  Both places are full of objects made of iron – decorative wrought and cast iron, such as door handles, locks and keys, handrails and shop signs, doors and fences.  I can forget about time, staring at them and imagining iron bars being forged, twisted and formed into spirals.  I can even smell charcoal and feel the heat of sparks flying…


ロンドンの工芸美術博物館V&Aで一番お気に入りの部屋はレベル3にある Ironwork ギャラリー。フランスで一番好きな博物館はル・セック・ド・トーネルという人のコレクションを納めたルーオンにある教会です。どちらも、鋳鉄や聯鉄で作られた門扉、ドアハンドル、錠前と鍵、階段の手すりや看板などで一杯で、入ったとたんに腰くだけのようになって時間を忘れ、ほれぼれと眺め入ってしまう。自分でも、どうしてこんなに好きなのか謎なので、これはやはり前世だと思うのです。

wisdom and owl / 知恵のふくろう

June 21, 2011

1 June 1960, Switzerland
‘Symbols of Occupations’
design: H. Kumpel
engrave: H. Heusser

I was in Basel last weekend and found that blacksmith’s were very important to complete European townscapes, together with architects and builders.  Door handles, letter boxes, balconies and shop signs hang over the entrances, were hand made and express a love for their houses.

In this stamp, the owl is symbolising a succession of knowledge through generations – from fathers to their sons.  Now, daughters are joining them proudly and taking the T-shaped ruler and hammer in their hands!



tools for everyday / 日常の道具たち

September 22, 2009

19 October 1982, Canada
design: Jean Morin

I like this idea of Definitive stamps depicting the everyday objects.  Stable Lantern for example, hand made with tin.  Fishing spear reminds me native Canadian’s history, which had been heavily relying upon fish.  Skate blades makes me imagine how North the country is.


steel kettles / 鉄の茶瓶

May 8, 2009

8 August 1985 Japan

Traditional Arts and Crafts Series.  Photogravure with engraving depictis refine pattern on kettles, called Nanbu-Tekki, made in Iwate prefecture of North Eastern Japan.