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staying cool / 納涼図

August 23, 2013

3 March 1978, Japan
Staying Cool under the arbour of evening glory
by Kusumi Morikage  (c. 1620–1690)
2nd National Treasure Series
layout: Saburo Watanabe

In the past at the height of summer, Japanese went outdoors to enjoy the cool air.  This is no longer possible, as no cool air is breezing through town since the exhaust from the air conditioners are out onto the streets.

This painting is regarded as the most subtle national treasure and it depicts a family sitting under a trellis.  The original shows that someone added the Yukata on top of husband’s body, but the wife was left as she was.  It is interesting to know that the female topless was fine at that time.

第2次国宝シリーズ 第8集




Swiss rural landscape – 2 / スイス田園風景その2

September 21, 2009

1973 Switzerland
design: H. Wetli (5c) and H. Hartmann (others)
engrave: H. Heusser

Another set of 5 stamps, I think they were definitives.  Again dark colour lines are in metallic and this time, composition of White and other colours are wonderful.  My best favorite from this set is the top one, with a human figure in the church tower.


Swiss rural landscape / スイス田園風景

September 20, 2009

1973 Switzerland
design: H. Wetli (80c) and H. Hartmann (others)
engrave: H. Heusser

I think they are definitives stamps at that time.  Dark coloured lines are printed with slightly metallic ink.  Beautifully illustrated, original design for a series of stamps.  My best favorite stamp from this five is the second from the top.  Crisp Intaglio engrave lines are worth looking in magnifier.


banal and beautiful / 素朴が美しい

August 23, 2009

11 February 1970 United Kingdom
British Rural Architecture
design: David Gentleman ( 5d & 9d ) and Sheila Robinson ( the rest )
from top; Fife Harling, Ulster Thatch, Welsh Stucco and Cotswold Limestone.

A joy of visiting British countryside is finding well preserved pretty cottage and beautiful gardens.  Materials of houses tell us how prepole in the area developed their house building method from what was available at that time.


houses from North / 北の大地の家

August 8, 2009

11 November 2004, Sweden
Provincial Houses
design: G. Malmfors
based on watercolour paitings by Laila Reppen
engrave: P. Naszarkowski

Delicately drawn houses from Sweden – wooden structure, often wooden cladded, lawn covered roof sometime, clean illustrations make me imagine cozy lives in them.