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ant on hand / 手のひらの蟻

June 7, 2016


3 June 1961, Monaco
Nature Preservation
designer:  J. E. Lorenzi
engraver: Pierre Gandon

Hands are often depicted as icons.  Here is another stamp from Monaco, which does not really express the stated concept of nature preservation, but is nicely drawn with beautiful colours.



Heart and hand / ハートと腕

March 26, 2016


Uruguay 1973
Pan-American Federation of blood donation

Another example for encouraging blood donation – this time, a hand is used as symbol to give a gift, which is the heart as extended life, and the arm shows the position for blood donation.  It has strong composition and looks good, despite using only two colours.


representational / 具象表現

March 8, 2016


1972 Pakistan

I featured a stamp on the heart in the previous post and now this one is encouraging blood donation, from the same year.

This stamp is not particularly cool or well designed, but strong.  This aspect of appealing is one of the desired characters of stamp design, I assume.



sincere kawaii / 誠実かわいい

July 16, 2015


1968, Argentina

Some stamps are made for public campaign with serious theme – and they need to reach their correct audience.  As a result, some of the road safety stamps are often cute.  This one from Argentina has children in rigid manner, but helped by bright colours and hand sticks out from the background frame, it is lifted to kawaii field.


Telegraph key / 電鍵

March 22, 2013

1 June 1962, New Zealand
Telegraph Centenary
design: A G Mitchell

This stamp is celebrating 100 years of the telegraph in New Zealand.  The picture shows an early Telegraph key for sending Morse code, with operating hand, and telegraph poles and wire.  The hand looks somehow strained – it must be sending an urgent and important message.

It is interesting to see these modern alternatives to postal services, which are often depicted on stamps.  They did not imagine about the new world with ‘internet file transfer services’ yet, did they?

The host of Going Postal gave this stamp to me, among with many others from New Zealand.  Thank you!



Rabbit out of Hat / 手品うさぎ

December 27, 2011

15 March 2005, UK
‘Centenary of the Magic Circle’
design: G. Hardie and Tatham Design

I met a Japanese magician this summer, who told me about the Magic Circle, where he performed sometime ago.  I remembered the story now, because I found this set of stamps, which are celebrating the Magic Circle’s 100 years.

Following their tradition with a top hat and a tailcoat, these pop designs recreate nice visual illusions within small stamps – pity you cannot rub digital images, but I feature one which I scratched with a coin.

I have ‘head’ of the coin, not ‘tail’.

The year of the rabbit is ceasing in four days.  I have this feeling that a year gets shorter and shorter – is it proving the fact that I am getting older faster!?