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Rainbow jersey / マイヨ・アルカンシエル

February 28, 2012

1960, German Democratic Republic
Cycling World Championship

In international cycling events, you see a rare few athletes wearing this jersey – 5 coloured stripes on a white background. They are called Rainbow jerseys and only World Champions of the time are allowed to wear them, and only in the discipline in which they won the Championship.

This stamp shows a racer Gustav-Adolf Schur of East Germany (via), who was twice the winner of the World Road Race Championship in 1950s.

Those racers look proud of wearing the Rainbow jersey, but they are also fighting against the ‘Curse of the rainbow jersey‘ – the champions are always challenged by competitors.





spectators / 観客の存在

February 21, 2012

31 March 1962, German Democratic Republic
Cycling World Championship

It was interesting watching the Track Cycling World Cup highlights on TV this past weekend. Several athletes mentioned that they were supported by the spectator’s cheers a lot, especially when they were almost burnt out towards their goal.  It seems that cheers make a difference to achieve good competition and new records.

This stamp is showing a lot of spectators in a velodrome – although their faces are a bit expressionless…   I featured another stamp, which is showing spectators alongside the road to support Tour de France racers – in this case, they are more animated with their arms raised.



racers at Tokyo Olympic / 東京オリンピック

August 2, 2009


15 July 1964 German Democratic Republic
Tokyo Olympic

The United Team of Germany won Gold Medal of Team pursuit, of Cycling at the 1964 Summer Olympics, Tokyo.  I guess this stamp celebrates that moment… or not – not really sure.


Road Safety / 交通安全

July 19, 2009


18 February 1969 DDR
5 Pfg: carefully + considerate
10 Pfg: always time orient
20 Pfg: precaution to railway crossing
25 Pfg: in doubtful case not overtake

Images are capturing trafic, but somehow very calm and static.