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winter solstice / 冬至キャンドルナイトは?

December 22, 2013


4 May 1970, Denmark
25th Anniversary of Liberation
designer: P. Christensen
engraver: C. Slania

Today is the winter solstice day.  I have been looking for information on ‘Candle Night‘ – a series of campaigns for saving energy by switching off all electric lights between 8-10pm on the summer and winter solstice day.  It seems the campaign was finished in 2012 and is not happening today.  Why??  It’s very nice to spend time with candle light!

This Slania engraved stamp is imitating a wood carved print – primitive and toasty.

今日は冬至。あれ?今年は「100万人のキャンドルナイト」のことをツイッターとかFace Bookで見ないな〜と思ったら、10周年だった去年で終わったのですね。世界的なキャンペーンになって、近年は東京タワーほかたくさんの建物のイルミネーションが消されたのに、どうしてもっと続けないのかな。ろうそくの火で過ごす時間は素敵なのに。


Danish classics 2 / ミキシング・ボール

May 4, 2010

6 November 1997 Denmark
Danish Design ( set of 4 )
design: M. Stürup / Lithography

top: The Margrethe-bowl by Bernadotte and Björn, 1957
below: Silver goblet by Georg Jensen ( 1866-1935 )

The rest two stamps of previous feature are product for cooking and tableware. Details are all in this Danish web site, Art on Stamps.  I did not know that Georg Jensen workshop was funded as early as 1904.  Also I did not know that the designer of these famous mixing bowl, Sigvard Oscar Frederik Bernadotte, was Swedish and son of King Gustav VI.  Although the bowl looks very democratic, it is named after HM Queen Margrethe Ⅱ of Denmark – ah, they were friends.


Danish classics / アント・チェアー

April 28, 2010

6 November 1997 Denmark
Danish Design ( set of 4 )
design: M. Stürup / Lithography

top: The Ant chairs by Arne Jacobsen, 1952
below: Faaborg Chair by Kaare Klint, 1913

My first purchase of ‘design chair’ was Arne Jacobsen’s T Chair ( or Baby Chair? similar to Grand Prix chair, but with steel tube with Black plastic covered legs ) from 1955.  Then I bought one each of Ant and Seven chairs to follow.  T Chair is my best favorite, as posture for dining use is just perfect for me.

This set is of stamps are featuring four items from Denmark, which includes my next post.



135 years old / 135年前の切手

January 11, 2010


1875 Denmark
design and engrave: P.C. Batz
printed maybe 1886 (8 öre) and 1895 (4 öre)

After featuring the latest set of stamps issued in 2010, I viewed my albums to find oldest stamps I like – and here they are.  Issued as definitive stamps in era of King Christian Ⅸ of Denmark, they were finely curved for typography ( relief ) printing.  Originally designed and issued in 1870, then when they changed ‘sk’ ( I don’t know how you called them ) to new currency ‘öre’ in 1875, they were gradually renewed and same design were issued until 1902.  Unlike other unimaginative monachy portrait in mono colour of that time, they have beautiful colour combination – Rose + pale grey and dark turquoise + slate green.


disappointment / 残念

December 22, 2009

2009 Denmark
design: Faber + Wildschiødtz
engrave: Skov J. (8 DKK) & M. Mörck (5.5 DKK)

It was a big disappointment that COP15 failed to make substantial agreement on anything really positive.

Stamps are designed higly contemporary, human and intelligent, also there were a lots of discussions on environment and sustainability these years – but world leaders aren’t ready yet facing contemporary wisdoms.  Shame.


Island in wave / 海に浮かぶ島々

November 19, 2009

1933 Denmark
issued 1990 ( 25 øre ) and 1983 ( 100 øre )
design by J. Therchilsen in 1906
engraver J. Britze ( original 1933 ) and Czeslaw Slania ( 25 øre )

Both based on a definitive stamp design from 1906, and modified a little bit in 1933.  It is graphically stabled and very clear to carry charactor of the country, as well as liberal enough to limit expression of the royal Coat of arms – many reasons could be think of why the design of this stamp had survived this long.


post woman / 郵便配達婦人

November 18, 2009

5  May 1988 Denmark
‘Transport and Communications’
Design by J. Frederiksen

Stylish post woman delivers your mails.  I saw several stamps featuring postal delivery on bicycle, but there is only one by female deliverer from Denmark, so far.  Maybe a lot more in the future?


tidy up, please / 道をきれいに

November 16, 2009

19 Sepptember 1991 Denmark
‘Keep Denmark Clean’
design by J. Hage
engraver A. Kühlmann

To bring a moral standard high – what a task of one small stamp to carry… When you see it well, then you realise the play set by the illustrator.  The drawing is made of continuous one line.  Really nice and lifted.


Wind Turbine / 風車の変遷

August 14, 2009


10 January 2007 Denmark
illustration by Bertil Skov Jørgensen
engraver Martin Mörck

This series of stamps must be depicting the history of wind turbine, as traditional windmills must have invented a lot earlier than 1891.  I was impressed by the view of wind turbines built long line in the sea, when airplane approached to Danish coast – as the 4th stamp depicts.  I like this contrast between latest technogoly and traditional Intaglio print.


cycle your own / 二人乗りはダメ

August 12, 2009


8 November 1990 Denmark
design by T. Skov

Ride your bicycle on your own, not taking passenger on the back rack – I think this is what the top stamp says.  Right?  Second one is clear – drink or drive.


ballet dancer on bicycle / 自転車に乗ったバレリーナ

August 3, 2009


27 June 1985 Denmark
UN Women’s Decade
illustration by Hans Bendix & Jette Koefoed
engrave by A. Kühlmann
Intaglio & Lithography

Somehow, almost naked girl is riding bicycle with bare feet.  Cute, but mysterious.


Bio Energy / バイオエネルギー

July 30, 2009


7 January 2009, Denmark

Bio Energy and Low Energy Building
Announcing COP-15, held in Copenhagen December 2009
design: Faber + Wildschiødtz
engrave: L. Sjööblom (9 DKK) & M. Mörck (5.5 DKK)

Beautiful graphic design made me bought them first, then I found what the stamps are about later.  What a brilliant storategy to promote important event such as Convention on Climate Change.


Danish pride / デンマークの誇り

July 27, 2009


8 November 2007 Denmark
Designer and social commentator
design: Torben Skov
engrave: Lars Sjööblom
Intaglio print

Arne Jacobsen (1902-1970) architect and designer
Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) product designer
Vitor Borge (1909-2000) humorist and musician
Piet Hein (1905-1996) scientist, mathematician, inventor and poet

I did not know about this Superegg, which can stand upright on a flat surface, or on top of another superegg.  Beauciful shape.


City for all/ すべての市民のための

May 3, 2009


5 October 1990 Denmark
Fredericia / City for All
design: K. Bassford
engrave: A. Kühlmann
Intaglio and embossed

A neat graphic and Braille express accessibility of Fredericia,  a town in the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula in Denmark.


Industrial Art / 工芸美術

May 2, 2009


15 February 1990 Denmark
Museum of Industrial Art
engrave: A. Kühlmann

It must had been made of Silver and Ebony.  I have to visit this museum, Kunstindustrimuseet.