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mono colour and strong 2 / 単色で強い切手 その2

December 5, 2014


25 May 1963, Czechoslovakia
60th Anniversary of Moravian Teachers Singing Club
designer: K. Šolínský / engraver: Ladislav Jirka

This stamp will make an envelope cheerful and its strength is based on the spontaneous lines, together with hand written letters, I guess.  And its vigorous lines are all engraved with great patience!


flower and horse / 花と馬

February 13, 2014

5 September 1975, Czechoslovakia
Biennial Exhibition of Book Illustrations for Children
“Horseman” by V. Munteanu
design & engrave:  Jindra Schmidt

OK, tomorrow is St. Valentine’s Day – already!  Time flies.  Although I am still featuring horses, yet a flowery one for tomorrow.  But somehow, this horse has eight legs and the man on it has a gun…

Anyway, have a happy Valentine!



Olympics 48 years ago / 48年前

August 8, 2012

1964 Czechoslovakia
Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo
designer: A. Podzemna
engraver: J. A. Švengsbír

Bradley Wiggins, Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny, Laura Trott and Victoria Pendleton… ‘Team Britain’ is producing a lots of Olympic gold medalists in cycling.  The Olympic velodrome is full of spectators everyday, sending huge applause to the athletes.

I like this stamp from Czechoslovakia, on the Olympics from 48 years ago – which was held in Japan.  Carefully planned intaglio engraving with 4 colours.  The 1964 Olympics was a really big thing in Japan, as it was a symbol of reconstruction after the Second World War.  There is an exhibition at the Embassy of Japan in London, ‘TOKYO 1964‘ until 7 September.


この切手は1964年の東京オリンピックの自転車競技を描いたチェコスロバキアの切手。ピンクのグラデーションが画面を引きしめつつ、愛らしい図柄です。今、ロンドンの日本大使館では『TOKYO 1964』と題した48年前のオリンピックにまつわる展示が行われています。

vintage cyclist / ヴィンテージ・サイクリスト

July 7, 2012

2 August 1952, Czechoslovakia
‘Physical Culture Propaganda – Cycling’
designer: V. Šprungl
engraver: J. Goldshmied

I joined a vintage cycling event in Belgium last weekend, named Retro Ronde.  About 5oo cyclists had gathered from all over the world – with their bicycles older than 30 years and matching clothes to one’s bike age.  It is a well-organized event, scenic route and snack stops, also tasty beer and dance with a swing band after you finish the ride.  I rode for 40km on my bike from 1970s, my partner did for 70km on his 1950s bike, both French made.

Many of the bicycles in Retro Ronde are 1950s to 1960s racing ones, so the suitable clothing is similar to what this stamp is showing.  But if you look at this stamp closely – the bikes are for track racing with no brakes or mudguards fitted.  The stamp designer seemed to put track racers in a piece of a rainy road…?



five continents / 五大陸

March 3, 2012

1984 Czechoslovakia
Summer Olympic Games in Los Angeles

The five colours of the Rainbow Jersey – Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red – are representing five continents.  And yes, I finally realise that they are the same colours to make Olympic symbols, which was designed in 1912.  Now I learnt that each colour represents Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and North & South America in that order.

This stamp shows a track race, nearing the finish – the sprinter in front is a little behind the other – but for sure, he will be the winner as the other racer is distracted by the speed of the guy in the Czech national jersey.



Duhový ( rainbow ) / 虹の道

March 1, 2012

1987 Czechoslovakia
Cyclocross World Championship

There is another stamp on the theme of rainbow colours and cyclocross.  This time, intaglio printed Black plus three colours are used – green is made with Yellow and Blue, Light Blue is made by dots of Blue and the Grey… oh, no, looks like Grey, but is Silver.  Two years before their Gentle Revolution, the Post Office had a generous budget for popular sports of the country.

I like these Czechoslovakian intaglio stamps with gravure colours added – simple and free minded drawings.



bird songs / 鳥のうた声

February 7, 2010

1965 Czechoslovakia
design: K Svolinski, envrage: L. Jirka

Woodpecker (20h)
Blue Tits (30h)
Southern Nuthatch (40h)
Oriole (60h)
Goldfinches (80h)
Bullfinch (1Kčs)
Kingfisher (1.2Kčs)

There are a lots of beautiful stamps on birds – maybe the size of birds fits well of stamp format or birds themselves are beautiful anyway, however they are pictured.  This fact puts me off from collecting stamps of birds – unless they are nicely designed specifically for stamps.  So, the reason why I bought this 60’s set of 7 stamps from Czechoslovakia is because of their highly sophisticated engraving lines and simplified background.

Beginning of February – when birds start to sing for their partners and trying to settle their new homes.  This little sound article on bird songs helps you to identify what you are hearing.



hohho- /ホッホー

January 3, 2010

1986 Czechoslovakia
Tawny Owl & Eurasian Eagle-owl
illustration: H. Čápová
engrave: J Herčík

Owls keep hooting last few days.  Sound of them are really nice and relaxing.  This illustration suites the atmosphere of the sound well – the first one has sleepy eyes and in the second stamp, face of line drawn owl is certainly hooting hohho-.



World Track Championship / トラック・レース

August 9, 2009

1963 Czechoslovakia
Workd Track Championship

I like this simple yet beautiful illustration, in style of wood block printing – but if you look at it closer, thick lines are made by intaglio.  Delicate several lines left over tyres expresse speed of this racing cyclist.


History of cycling / サイクリングの変遷

July 25, 2009

1978 Czechoslovakia

One of 5 stamps featuring history of cycling.