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reflection of time / 時代を写す写真

February 28, 2018

9 September 2011, United Kingdom
Centenary of Aerial Post
Designed by Robert Maude and Sarah Davies

The history of photography started earlier than I thought – although it took some time for the technology of how to fix a captured image to arrive.

This photo was taken on 26 September 1911, when the first airmail was delivered.  People celebrated the big day and lots of photos were taken throughout the event.


写真が発明されてまもなく2世紀経つのですね。レンズを通して画像が結ばれることはもっと早くに発見されたけれど、それを定着させる技術に時間がかかった。21_21 design siteでは、時代を写してきた写真の展示「写真都市展」が始まっているようです。

cycling in France / フランスの田園サイクリング

August 5, 2010

18 March 1972, France
‘Rural Postman of 1894’
design & engrave: J. Pheulpin

Cycling environment in France is advanced to compare to our situation in Britain.  Cycle lanes are well laid and sign posted both in towns and countryside, maintained.  Maps are nicely produced and effortless to follow scenic routes.  Especially I enjoyed hilly countryside of Poitou-Charentes nead Confolens – small beautiful river views and picturesque villages, as this stamp depicted.

This postman stamp is another example of Intaglio print, which I enjoy a lot with magnifier.



post woman 2 / 郵便配達婦人

March 8, 2010

10 May 1966, China
Women in Public Service

My second stamp on female post delivery in this blog.  The first one is from Denmark, 1988. This girl looks fit and healthy – in fact, 1966 was the beginning of Cultural Revolution.  The life of ordinary people should have been different from political propaganda.  Still, the stamp was made well, with nice colour and pretty cloud in the sky.


post woman / 郵便配達婦人

November 18, 2009

5  May 1988 Denmark
‘Transport and Communications’
Design by J. Frederiksen

Stylish post woman delivers your mails.  I saw several stamps featuring postal delivery on bicycle, but there is only one by female deliverer from Denmark, so far.  Maybe a lot more in the future?


mysterious picture / 不思議な図柄

September 11, 2009

30 March 1991, France
Philexjunes 91-Cholet
design: Maglione

Celebrating a Stamp Show for children in Cholet.  And I cannot figure out meaningful connection between Hoop ( and a stick? ), bicycle and a pigeon with scary eye.  Colours, especially little and strong Orange, and their balance between White is appeal to me though.


journey of posts / 時代とともに

August 26, 2009

15 March 1958, France
Motorised Postal Distributions
design and engrave: Gandon

The stamp shows the crossing point in the history when man-powered postal delivery was taken over by motorbike and car.  It looks for me, bicycle man is rewarded his service of depicted in front.


journée du timbre / 切手の日

June 3, 2009

6 March 1993, France
‘Stamp Day’
design: R. Peron

A stamp featuring a film ‘Jour de fête’ (1949 France) by Jacques Tati (1907-1982).