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bicycle evolution in Germany -2 / ドイツ自転車の変遷-2

August 21, 2009

16 April 1985 Germany-Berlin
For the Youth charity stamps

Same time to the previous post, history of German bicycle, Berlin post issued these 4.  Featuring German made machine only, starting from bone shaker by Büssing-Rad in 1868 to 1925 Opel-Rennard racing bike.  Lady’s bike by Jaray-Rad in 1925 looks very odd and I cannot work out how it was peddaled even if  I see picture of it.  It seems most of gentlemen cyclists had moustache in Germany.


bicycle evolution in Germany / ドイツ自転車の変遷

August 20, 2009

16 April 1985 Germany
For the Youth

Evolution of bicycle made in Germany from 1817 Hobby Horse to 1888 lady’s tricycle.


Cycling 1878-1978 / 英国のサイクリング

July 31, 2009

2 August 1978 United Kingdom
Centennial British Cycling Federation & Cyclists Touring Club
designed by Fritz Wegner
printed in photogravure by Harrison & Sons Ltd.

History of cycling is featured in set of 4 stamps.  From the top, Ordinary ( Penny-farthing ) and 1884 ladies Safety Bicycle, 1920’s Touring Bicycles, Modern small-wheel bicycles and 1978 Road-racers.

This link of Birth of the Bike, a film made in 1937 may show you well how the early bicycles were developed.  Many of icycles demonstrated in this film are from British Science Museum collection.



50 years of Tour de France / ツールドフランス50年

July 26, 2009

26 July 1953, France
’50th anniversary of Tour de France Cycle Race’
design & engrave: Albert Decaris

It was the final stage today and Alberto Contador had won the race, second time.


History of cycling / サイクリングの変遷

July 25, 2009

1978 Czechoslovakia

One of 5 stamps featuring history of cycling.

Velocipede / 自転車のルーツ

May 11, 2009

1 October 1983, France
Pierre and Ernest Michaux’s Bicycle
design and engrave: J. Delpech

Issued for centenary of death of Pierre Michaux, who is regarded to be father of pedal-driven bicycle, together with his son Ernest.  Around the same time, Frenchman Pierre Lallement and Scotish Kirkpatrick Macmillan had invented simillar mechanism – Velocipede.  After this era, bicycle was developed to  ‘Ordinary’, which has large front wheel to reduce pedaling speed.