snowflake & Olympic games


6 February 1976, Canada
Winter Olympic Games in Innsbruck

There are two more days left until the end of the Winter Olympic Games… I have been enjoying a lot to watch the Snowboard and Freestyle Skiing – especially Halfpipe! And yesterday the women’s Ice-Hockey is added to my favourites for the first time. So, this feature is for Canadian girls. And a surprisingly interesting sport it is.. Curling! The women’s final is on Sunday, GB v.s. Japan – very exciting!

This stamp is nicely designed and embossed – the popular motif, a snowflake.


ドラッグ使用者はさっさと自国に帰れば〜?などと呟きながらも、とくにスノーボードの若者たちを楽しんで観ていますが、ちょっと驚きの面白さがカーリング。チェスのような精神戦。20日にはイギリス女子 vs 日本女子の決勝ですね!わくわく。

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