travel in a train


26 January 2010, Great Britain
Business and Consumer Smilers 2010
designed by Andrew Davidson

COP26 is still on, and still some related news is on every day. One of the pieces of news on transport of participants was the train-delay because of trees on the rails. And the cause of this has its own history with climate change.

When the first rails were built, trains were all steam locomotives. People were afraid to have trees burnt, so they cut down many trees in the wide area on both sides of the rails. Then about 50 to 60 years ago, when the trains were changed to electric, trees were planted back on those strips of land to bring green back. And now those trees are getting old, plus the global warming made storms stronger – as a result, they are easy to be felled by storms.

This stamp shows the smoke from the locomotive. Those trains are a beautiful chunk of steel, although they had consumed massive amount of coal over long years.