freemen working


17 June 1986, United Kingdom
900th Anniversary of Domesday Book / Freemen working at Town Trade
design: Tayburn Design / illustrations: Magnus Lohkamp

In a Medieval town, there were many trades for everyday life – cloth, tools, house and architecture – and people who inherited or gained those specialist techniques were called “Freemen”. About 25% of population were those who did not produce food, but obtained food in exchange for their skills.

As a designer, I am interested in those people working with textile, metal, wood and stone ( and a dog pulling the carpenter’s clothes.. ), who made the townscape at that time.


布を染める人、大工らしい二人(& 服をひっぱる犬)そして石柱に彫刻している石工など、この切手の描く世界にとても惹かれます。