barbed wire and hands


16 September 1962, Belgium
Concentration camp victims
designer: Idel Iancheleveci / engraver: Jean de Bast

A minimalist stamp, depicting humble hands desiring freedom.  In fact, this simple design was very advanced if you compare it to other stamps from the early 1960s.  Using two print techniques, screen print for the background pale blue and intaglio for the delicate black lines.

I have found an archive of Belgian stamps – added the designer and engraver’s name.

A philatelist had kindly forwarded me information of the engraver of this stamp, Jean de Bast.  Click comment for further info sent by Jürgen.



4 thoughts on “barbed wire and hands

    1. Hi jürgen. Somehow, I did not receive your message before today on this stamp. Missing somewhere unfortunately? I do appreciate if you can send it again… Many thanks! Tomoko

  1. Hi Tomoko,

    Well you found by yourself the name of the engraver and the designer of this stamp…

    I added also some extra information about both of them. As I didn’t (of course) save my message I write it again…

    Jean de Bast is a very well known engraver in Belgium. He engraved more than hundred Belgian stamps. You can have a look at some here :

    In 1985, he even had his own stamp on “Stamp Day” :

    Idel Ianchelevici is a Romanian (Moldovan) artist. He lived many years in Belgium. There is even a museum dedicated to him in La Louvière . On the museum’s website you can find (in french) information about stamps designed by him or representing some of his works
    Belgium had one concentration camp in Breendonk. A sculpture of Ianchelevici is in front of this former camp and in 1979, the Belgian post issued a stamp with the design of this sculpture
    Finally Belgium issued a joint issue with Romania

    I hope this time, my comment will reach you ! :o)

    1. Thank you so much Jürgen!! This is amazing to know about designer and fantastic engraver of this rather simple stamp. The equipment he uses in the 1985 Stamp Day stamp is interesting to investigate, too. I will reflect your info into my text. Many thanks, once again, for writing this again!

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