elephant & monkey


7 May 2015, Germany
Europa: Old Toys
design: Kitty Kahane

I wrote in the last post that I had already run out of monkey stamps – but I found one more.  This was issued last year, during the ‘Old Toys‘ theme by Europa stamps.

I have some numbers of past Europa stamps – but last year I bought only one, and I like a few more which I want to get, such as French issue and Czech Republic stamp.  Now I notice that photographed old toys are not very attractive for me…



2 thoughts on “elephant & monkey

  1. ブログ楽しみに待ってました。

    1. この切手も、まちがいなくスクリーン上で作られていますが、とてもいい感じに手書きを載せていると思います。さじ加減ですよね。

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