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single-minded kawaii / ひたむきかわいい

August 20, 2015


30 July 1940, Estonia
Century of First Postage Stamps
design: K. Doll

The pigeon post was important method for distant communication before the airplanes were introduced.  And this stamp from Estonia is celebrating the history of postal stamps, with a pigeon with a letter in its bill, as if competing to an airplane.

I think the figure of ‘pigeon with letter’ is always kawaii, as its earnest and single-minded attitude to complete their mission.  One question I still have – how did they deliver letters to the correct address?

Ah, I have just read the wiki and learned – they were flying back home!

航空便が広く使われる前は、伝書鳩が遠隔地を結ぶ通信に使われた – 切手の100年を祝うエストニアからの1枚は、そんなミッションを帯びて飛ぶハトが飛行機と競争しているかのような図案で、、とてもかわいいと思うのです。


あ、ウィキペディア読んで分かりました – 家まで戻る能力を使ったのですね〜。


pink kawaii? / ピンクかわいい?

August 13, 2015

*exch. 067  ( limited number )

11 January 2006, Finland
St. Valentine’s Day

I am still thinking about kawaii/cute in stamps – how about colours?  OK, this is not only colour, but with a motif, of course.  Yet, is it still cute if not in pink?

I did not like the colour of pink for long time, since my low-teen until recently, because I though pink is representing girly flatter to gain anything better, which I was not equipped with.  I was reconciled with pink when I recognised that I am not called ‘girl’ any more.

Anyway, this stamp is simple and cute, and it delivers very strong message, anytime.