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large almond / 巨大アーモンド切手

October 28, 2013

1970 Sierra Leone

Another set of stamps with unusual shape – they are big, L= 4.4 cm and W= 3.2 cm.  They are embossed, as the paper is thicker for self-adhesive type and the back-up layer gives a good impression during the pressing, I guess.  They have strong visual impact.

When these unique stamps were made, Sierra Leone was in short time peace, between political disputes.



small banana / 小さなバナナ切手

October 24, 2013

1978 Tonga

It is obvious that self-adhesive stamp can made in flexible shapes.  This banana stamp is from Tonga, where the world first self-adhesive stamp was issued from.  This one is clearly inspired by the commercial stickers which are used for showing the origin of fruits – this is why it is very small, end to end is about 2.5 cm.

I would be very pleased to receive a letter with this stamp from Tonga.  They are now exporting a lot of pumpkins to Japan.



autumn colours from Japan / 日本の秋の色

October 23, 2013

30 August 2013, Japan
illustration: Hikaru Hatano
stamp design:  Akira Tamaki

One of the recent issues from Japan has arrived and they are carrying a nice evocative smell of Autumn.  They are beautifully illustrated and made a lot smaller ( 21.5mm × 25.5mm ) than normal commemorative stamps – I like their fineness although they are self-adhesive.

野菜とくだものシリーズ 第1集
原画:波多野 光
切手デザイン:玉木 明

野菜とくだものの切手を載せている間に、今の季節にぴったりのシリーズが届きました。日本の秋の香りが漂ってくるようです。普段は好きではないシール式だけど、イラストの精緻さとこの小さなサイズ ( 21.5mm × 25.5mm ) が相まってとても魅力的。友人の梨影(りえ)さんに、この洋ナシの切手が貼られた展覧会の招待状が届いた話を聞いて、ネットでは伝わらない暖かさを運ぶ切手の存在を改めて確認しました。

harvest and appetite / 収穫と食欲

October 14, 2013

1 September 1958, San Marino
design: R. Franzoni

Here in London we have the beginning of autumn colours, but the weather is already winter…  I guess the southern Europe is still in sunshine and people are harvesting for a few more weeks.  In Japan there is a saying ‘sky is high and horse will grow fat in autumn’ and in fact I was always gaining some weight in autumn, after the air cools down and my appetite came back.

These illustrated vegetables are dynamic and thankful.



design-it-yourself / オリジナルを作る切手

October 7, 2013

25 March 2003, United Kingdom
Design-It-Yourself ‘Fruit and Vegetables’
designer: Johnson Banks
photographer: Kevin Summers


I am not a fan of self-adhesive stamps normally, but for this set it is appropriate and a great joy to have a lots of sticker parts to choose from.

The only one restriction is not to hide the Queen’s silhouette and 1st class value.  So, the results are my designs, except Mr. Potato, which was one of the examples by the designer.

In 2010 Finland issued a bad copied version of this series – not as cool as this British original design.  What’s going on at the Finnish Post??

「Design-It-Yourself 」というテーマでシール切手に付属して顔や帽子などのパーツのシールを足してオリジナルな切手を作るシリーズです。女王の肖像とファーストクラスの額面を隠さないよう、という注意書きつき。



home grown vegetables / 家庭菜園から

October 5, 2013

15 January 2011, Thailand
Home-grown Vegetables

Odd shaped vegetables are more attractive than uniform and shiny ones from the supermarket – I have a feeling that many people think in this way, nowadays.  Heart warming vegetable stamps from Thailand.