hair comb


20 April 1974, Japan
“Finger” ( 1911 ) by Itō Shinsui ( 1898 – 1972 )
Philatelic Week
layout: Hitoshi Otsuka

This paining is showing 20 years earlier fashion than the previously featured stamp.  When the hair style was completed, the comb was often placed in the hair, part of the coiffure decorations.

I visited an excellent exhibition “Origins of the Afro Comb” at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge and saw many combs made in different materials.  In Japan the customs of showing combs in your hair came to an end around the 1930’s, but in Africa they are still used and expressing identity of their culture.




ケンブリッジのフィッツジェラルド博物館で11月3日まで開催されている『Origins of the Afro Comb』はとても面白い展覧会で、木や動物の骨、金属などのいろいろな素材で作られた6000年前からプラスティック製も加わった最近の櫛までが展示され、アフリカの歴史や文化を世界に示すツールとして櫛が今も髪に飾られている様子が紹介されています。

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