native animals: hedgehog


13 April 2010, United Kingdom
Action for British Mammals
design: Jason Godfrey
photograph: Laurie Cambell

I found the British Wildlife Centre while searching about the Otter.  Hedgehog and Polecat, two animals on today’s stamps are found at this centre, too.  I learned that they are both native to Britain.

It is interesting that you can join the photographic workshops at this Centre.  You may need special techniques to capture animals in photography – these two stamps feature nice faces.  The Hedgehog is surprised by sunlight and the Polecat looks determined.

カワウソのことを調べていて見つけた「British Wildlife Centre」には、この動物たちもいるようです。センターのHPでは、イギリスに今いる動物たちが、もとからいたのか持ち込まれたのかを知ることができます。今日の2枚のハリネズミヨーロッパイタチは原生種でした。


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