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diversity in Tour? / ツールにも多様性?

July 23, 2013

27 Feburary 1960, Togo
Olympic Games, California & Rome
designer: M. Shamir / engraver: Claude Durrens

The Tour de France 2013 winner Chris Froome is Kenyan-born British and he says that he wishes to inspire young cyclists from Africa.  To celebrate the future diversity in this sport, I feature this mellow coloured yet crisp stamp from Togo.

By the way – it is a terrible choice of picture in the BBC article – is it only me that thinks so?



celebration / よくがんばった

July 21, 2013

1957 Colombia
7th Tour of Colombia

Today is the final stage of the Tour de France 2013 – post Armstrong ‘clean’ tour as well as the 100th edition.

I have been supporting Nairo Quintana from Colombia since he made his great challenge in the mountain stages.  He won a stage yesterday and became 2nd place in this years Tour.  I always support the small built athletes in any sports – he is 166 cm high, 20 cm shorter than the winner Chris Froome!

Colombia has a long history of cycling as this stamp tells us.  Quintana might be the first Colombian winner of Tour de France in the coming years.




in the Arctic seas / 北の海

July 21, 2013

10 April 1968, Canada
Narwhal, Monodon monoceros
design: John Alexander Crosby

This image, again showing below and above the sea – looks cool, too.  Narwhals are living in the Northern sea, where icebergs are floating around.  The long tusk is a sensory organ to detect temperature and atmospheric pressure.. amazing!


in the water / 水の中

July 19, 2013

29 Jan 1962, Niger
‘Protection of Wildlife’
design & engraving:  Jacques Combet

It has been 10 days since ‘the real summer’ arrived.  The indoor temperature is gradually rising – but last night we had a nice cool breeze and I felt refreshed as if I am dipping myself in the cool water.

This stamp from Niger is showing the water surface as the central horizon and depictes above and below the water with two different green colours.  An African Manatee looks cool and content.



finally summer / やっと来た、夏

July 16, 2013

15 May 2007, United Kingdom
Beside the Seaside
design: Phelan Barker

Finally we have summer here in the UK for the last 7 days.  Blue sky! Ice cream!!  Our hydrangea has survived a long cold spring and is just starting to bloom now.

The negative side of summer here is; melting roads, steaming Underground and buses and expanded rails – all making our travels nasty…  I thought about beaches, but have not been there yet.