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lattice tower 2 / 鉄塔 その2

May 12, 2013


1 February 1952, Switzerland
Swiss Telecommunications Centenary
design:  P Gauchat

Another abstract lattice tower which is dispersing wavy lines.  This is a set of four stamps and each design commemorates a different method of communication.

We get used to imagining our sky covered by communication networks, but 100 years before this stamp, it must have been a new concept to have invisible waves flying above us.





lattice tower / 鉄塔

May 9, 2013

1965Neth Antilles001

17 May 1965, Netherlands Antilles
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design: E. N. Ayubi

This is the 8th and the last stamp on the same theme of ITU – from a former constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the Caribbean.

The zig-zag arrow, in between two lattice towers, is expressing wireless communication over distance.  Cute!