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orbit of satellite / 衛星の軌跡

April 29, 2013

6 October 1965, USA
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

Crisp intaglio stamp from the USA on the same theme as the 1965 ITU – expressing its 100 years progress with Morse code and the tracks of communication satellites.  The Morse code can be read… itu itu itu and itu.  A simple yet well designed stamp, I would say.


electrical arrow / 電撃

April 23, 2013


1965 Bermuda
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

I found more stamps issued for the same theme, the 1965 Telecommunication Union.  This set is from Bermuda, a British overseas territory, thus it has the silhouette of the Queen.  Apart from the Queen, the designer made his/her own interpretation on the ITU’s design guidance – the zig-zag arrow is extended, making a nice and simple composition.


slight variation / バリエーション

April 19, 2013

*exch. 060

17 May 1965, Japan
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union
design: Yoshiomi Higashikadoi

Issued for the same theme of telecommunication as the previous two stamps from Ceylon, Brazil, France and British.  A Japanese stamp designer had taken guidance from the ITU a little straight, and made minor changes – somehow this modest stamp appeals to me, it’s charming.

If you look at the little detail of the electrical Insulators, and find slight differences in shape between each country – you might share an odd passion on ‘Insulator watchers’ – I am one of those proud Otaku.

国際電気通信連合( ITU )



same design, different colour / 色違い

April 1, 2013


1965 Ceylon
Centenary of International Telecommunication Union

It seems that the ITU ( or UIT ) had issued some design guidance to all the countries for these centenary stamps.  Then each post office made their own version – some countries paid respect to the motif and layout, and other interpreted it more freely.

This Ceylon ( became Sri Lanka in 1972 ) stamp is an obedience one, with their three official languages – Sinhala, Tamil and English.  The most radical design on the same centenary is from Ceylon’s ex-suzerain country, the United Kingdom.