electrical telegraph


13 October 1954, Japan
75th Anniversary of Admission to ITU
designer: Yutaka Yoshida
engraver: Tsuneo Kasano

After the Croatian QR code stamp, I remembered this one, in a similar layout with mysterious lines and dots.  The centre picture is an early electrical telegraph receiver.  In the top bar, between two small squares, are Japanese Morse code, which says ‘ko ku sa i’, which means ‘international’.

Although there is a similarity in the first impression between this and the QR code stamp in the previous post, this one has far higher density in its stamp design.  I admire this old ‘stampness’ and joy of magnifying.




2012年10月に日本郵趣協会から発売された『ビジュアル日本切手カタログ vol.1』に、この図案のフチを囲む記号が説明されています。左が「キネン」、右が「デンキ」拡大している下は「ツウシン レンゴウ カメイ 75 シウネン」と右から読む(ん?)ようです。

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