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Mother Language / 母語

February 23, 2013


4 October 2011, Austria
‘Brand Austria’
designer:  Nik Thoenen

21 February is the International Mother Language Day, which is an annual observance to celebrate and promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and Multilingualism.

This stamp from Austria shows 15 different linguistic groups in the country, in the manner that the size of letters reflect the population of people to use them as their mother tongue – I think.  And I guess that the red letter E, sideways up on top of the central O, is the modern version of the umlaut for Ö of Östereich, when you spell it in the ‘www’ world.

The latest statistics tells us that native British population is less than a half in London.  I am one of these non-British who speaks English for everyday communication.  At the same time I am trying to keep my Mother Language as good as it was – not easy!




roses? / バラじゃなくても

February 14, 2013

2 January 1997, Sweden
designer: Olöf Baldursdóttir

St. Valentine’s Day.
I believe that a card with sincere words would deliver your love – you don’t have to buy expensive roses, artificially grown towards today and transported from the far end of the globe!  The best solution for a remote love is using a stamp like this…

Have a lovely day!



Chinese New Year -2 / 旧正月のお祝い -2

February 9, 2013

1 December 1965, Taiwan
‘Folklore Stamps’
designer: Wen Hsueh-ju

Today is Chinese New Year – the official beginning of the year of the Snake.  You may witness a Dragon parade in the China Town near you.


Chinese New Year / 旧正月のお祝い

February 9, 2013

1 December 1965, Taiwan
‘Folklore Stamps’
designer: Wen Hsueh-ju

Today is Chinese New Year – the official beginning of the year of the Snake.  You may witness a traditional style celebration in the China Town near you.

This set of stamps are from Taiwan – and they were printed in Japan.  I enlarge a part of it, as you can see the sparkling collaboration between a Taiwanese designer and Japanese print technician on the pattern of traditional costume.




World Meteorology / 世界気象機関

February 8, 2013


23 March 1962, Taiwan
‘2nd World Meteorological Day’
designer: Tsai Cheng-lun, Wen Hsueh-ju & Yen Ki-shih
engraver: Pao Liang-yu, Chen Lien-huei & Li Pin-chien

The World Meteorological Organization was established in 1950, as a specialist agency of the United Nations for meteorology, succeeding from the International Meteorological Organization from 1873.  It is no surprise that people tried to share meteorological information from that early time – yet cross-governmental actions towards climate change started a lot later.

Last year I visited Taiwan for the first time, and would love to go back again.  I met a lots of intellectual, diligent and polite people there, and the country has a rich vein of stamps of my favourite type!




snow has melted / 雪がとけて

February 3, 2013

1989 United Nations
‘Mediterranean determines the weather in the Alps’
‘Europe under the influence of the polar air’
‘Typhoon Abby in the North-West Pacific’

The temperature has risen and the snow has melted – so we went to the countryside for a bike ride, then found that a lot of the farmers fields were covered with water, and water is streaming down the roads.  The earth was already saturated with water after a very wet winter, then the melted snow has added to this, causing flooding.  We have been riding in the area for years, but have never seen those roads flooded so badly before.  The amount of water which melting snow produces must be huge, as this picture shows.

A series of stamps from the United Nations – views from satellite cameras, tell us how our climate is affected by other areas of the world.