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sitting on a goose / 150歳を記念して

November 27, 2012

13 November 2008, Germany
Nils Hogersson on Goose
150th birthday of Selma Lagerlöf
illustration: Wilhelm Schulz

Another stamp to feature a scene from “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”, and this is celebrating the 150th birthday of Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf.  This popular story for children was published in 1906.

I saw a group of birds in a V-shape, traveling towards the South of Tokyo, beside the Tama River.  I imagined sitting on one of them again, thinking that mountains, coastlines and rivers must be the guides for their long journey – but how do they remember all of those?



seasonal journey / 渡り鳥

November 11, 2012

10 November 1971, Sweden
Nils Hogersson on Goose
from “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” by Selma Lagerlöf
designer: P. Pettersson
engraver:  Czesław Słania

Yesterday afternoon I saw a group of birds in the sky, in formation flight heading South.  Too far away to identify, but I guess they are migrating Geese.  That V shape reminded me of this stamp, engraved by  Czesław Słania.  Let’s enlarge a beautiful detail…


“The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” was an animated film on TV when I was a child in Japan and it is evocative for me.  Because of that TV series, I still imagine a little boy on one of the Geese when I see the V-shaped formation of migrating birds.



autumn trees / プラタナスも色づく晩秋

November 1, 2012

1 September 1994, France
Leaves of Trees
Platanus & Holly

The autumn colour in England is prominent this year.  We drove through Essex and Suffolk last weekend and found a lot of sparkling red and yellow trees, such as Maple, Beech and Oak.  Horse-chestnuts were unfortunately turned into brick-brown during the summer, by a kind of harmful caterpillar.

Now, finally the huge London Plane Tree leaves start to change their colours.  When they are have all fallen, the pavements will be covered by crisp brown leaves and sky above will be opened up to winter blue.  Then, only Holly and conifer leaves will be left in the chilly air.