11 June 1975, United Kingdom
design: Andrew Restall

As you can see on the cover of a book of ‘Royal Mail Stamps’ (1980), the designer made many sketches for this set of stamps. He took a long time to decide the composition of the stamps, and also re-drew the chosen ones for adopting the new printing method of intaglio lines on top of gravure.  As a result of effort and fine adjustment, this set has outstanding beauty.

During the Olympic games, I enjoyed the view from those sailing boats – images sent from a little waterproof camera on each boat, showing how dynamic and subtle it is to control sails in the competition.  But 38 years ago, the stamp designer had to draw them from the land or a harbour, as no equipment was suitable for being soaked by the waves.

『Royal Mail Stamps』(1980) という本の表紙になっているように、この切手のデザイナーはセーリングのタイプやアングルを決めるために時間をかけてスケッチをしたようです。4枚の構図が決まったのちも、グラビアで刷った色面に凹版印刷を重ねる新しい手法に合うように、色と線の両方を描き直した、と本の中で紹介されています。当然ながら、そんなたくさんの手間ののちにこの美しい切手が生まれたわけです。


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