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Bravo Wiggo / 初の英国人ツール勝者

July 24, 2012

16 July 2002, UK
17th Commonwealth Games, Manchester
design: Madelaine Bennett

Bradley Wiggins has become the first British winner in the history of the Tour de France.  It was really exciting to watch him winning the individual time trial stage on day 19 – even when he knew he was the winner of the Tour, he did not stop pushing his bike faster!

This stamp is showing the Team pursuit, in which Wiggins won the silver medal at the Commonwealth Games, held at his home ground of the Manchester Velodrome.  I am just imagining one of the three racers might be Wiggo.  His career was built step by step since that time, adding mountain climbing skills on top of his talent in the time trial – a sport of solitary effort.  After all of those endless trainings, team work and physical and psychological support, he has been drawn as a Bicycle Saint by howies!


この切手で使われているのはウィギンズが頭角をあらわし始めた約10年前の団体追抜競技( Team pursuit )の写真です。2002年コモンウェルスゲームズで英国は銀メダルを穫ったので、写っている選手の一人がウィギンズだったとしても不思議はないです。もともとトラック競技のタイムトライアルに強かったウィギンスは、ロードレースに必要な坂道でのスキルを少しずつ身につけ、チームメートに助けられ、32歳にしてツールの勝者となりhowiesのTシャツではとうとう聖人に!

vintage cyclist / ヴィンテージ・サイクリスト

July 7, 2012

2 August 1952, Czechoslovakia
‘Physical Culture Propaganda – Cycling’
designer: V. Šprungl
engraver: J. Goldshmied

I joined a vintage cycling event in Belgium last weekend, named Retro Ronde.  About 5oo cyclists had gathered from all over the world – with their bicycles older than 30 years and matching clothes to one’s bike age.  It is a well-organized event, scenic route and snack stops, also tasty beer and dance with a swing band after you finish the ride.  I rode for 40km on my bike from 1970s, my partner did for 70km on his 1950s bike, both French made.

Many of the bicycles in Retro Ronde are 1950s to 1960s racing ones, so the suitable clothing is similar to what this stamp is showing.  But if you look at this stamp closely – the bikes are for track racing with no brakes or mudguards fitted.  The stamp designer seemed to put track racers in a piece of a rainy road…?



young racer / 若いレーサー

July 4, 2012

30 May 1996, Slovakia
‘Round Slovakia’
designer: Róbert Brun
engraver: Martin Srb

The Tour de France started last Saturday. A young racer from Slovakia, Peter Sagan, has won two stages in the first four days.  He was born in 1990, a year after the Velvet Revolution dissolved the Communist country Czechoslovakia to form the Czech Republic and Slovakia.  Slovakia joined the EURO zone in 2009.

As cycling was popular in Czechoslovakian times, the new-born country has succeeded in this tradition of cycling.  This stamp from 1996 is showing their enthusiasm for the sport – pedaling very hard!