automated / 全自動化

May 17, 2012

*exch. 059  ( limited number )

14 March 1979, Japan
Completion of Automated telephone
design: Minoru Hisano

When I bought my first telephone for my flat in Tokyo in 1989, the shape of telephones had changed since the 1960s.  The rectangular body with slim hand set on one side, with ten keys – it had message function already, but the length of message was limited by the small cassette tape…  23 years ago!

This simple stamp from Japan is telling that telephone connection was automated already in 1979 – ten years earlier than my ten-key telephone era.




2 Responses to “automated / 全自動化”

  1. Jürgen Says:

    Switzerland issued 3-4 stamps in the 70’s 80’s with telephones on it. I really like this one from 1980 for the 100 years of the telephone in Switzerland. It has a nice fresh eighties feeling with that orange phone. As you can see it has style that traditional square look, but has already the 10 keys !

    • Tomoko Says:

      Oh yes, this was the early hybrid between the dial and the ten-keys… I remember now that this type as well found in Japan. Sweet stamp!

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