Bakelite telephone


10 March 1976, Sweden
Telephone Centenary
designer: Tom Hultgren
engraver: Zlatko Jakus

This telephone was already retro when the stamp was issued – the central image is an Ericsson DBH 1001 model, designed in 1929 by Norwegian designer Jean Heiberg.  I was reading about the development of the telephone, then found this picture in the article!

A line drawing of an earlier telephone receiver is on top and an electric circuit is framing this stamp – technical but somehow enchanting – a celebration of the great invention, which has turned into the now indispensable article.

この切手が出た時、この電話機はすでにレトロだったはず、、、と思いつつ電話機の歴史を読んでいて、この写真を見つけました。エリクソンDBH 1001型は1929年にノルウェー人がデザインし、工業化が可能になった初期のプラスティック、ベークライトで作られました。


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