ring around / もしも〜し

April 9, 2012

10 March 1976 United Kingdom
Centenary of the first telephone call
by Alexander Graham Bell
design: Philip Sharland

In 1976, people celebrated the invention of the telephone, which dates from 100 years earlier.  I did not know that the first telephone conversation was made that early.  I am interested in listening to the voice coming through the ‘liquid transmitter’, though.

It seems there were two more people who claimed to be the inventor of the telephone – Elisha Gray ( who invented a Facsimile machine later ) and Antonio Meucci ( who is currently regarded as the first inventor of the telephone ).

This set of stamps are showing smiley people who are blessed by telephone – their handsets were still connected to the main machine by a wire – so you did not have to listen to the one way conversations in a train.




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