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telephone again / 再度、電話機

April 28, 2012


29 June 2011, USA
Pioneers of American Industrial Design

Model 302 Bell telephone, 1937
designed by Henry Dreyfuss (1904-1972)

When I saw this stamp, I thought this crisp telephone design must be the inspiration for the Ericsson telephone which I featured – but the fact seems the opposite.   The Henry Dreyfuss Associates web site is linked to a wikipedia articles, which says that the Ericsson phone was designed in 1929 and Henry Dreyfuss was influenced by that.  So, I amended my post accordingly.

This series of stamps ( 12 of them ) are showing early examples of American industrial design – some of them are familiar and the rest are not.  Simple images are featured, but there is no denomination on the stamp…  Is ‘Forever’ the replacement of postal price?

Two more designs for communication tools below – the radio was designed by Dreyfuss’s mentor Bel Geddes.

この切れのある電話機の切手を見た時、3つ前のポストで紹介したエリクソンの電話機はこれを見て影響を受けたのかも?と思ったのだけど、事実は正反対だったようです。今でも続いているHenry Dreyfuss事務所のHP(おそろしく前時代的なデザインですが、、)からだどって行くwikipediaの記事に、1929年にデザインされたエリクソンの電話機に影響を受けたとしっかり記されていました。

この12枚セットの切手はアメリカのインダストリアルデザイン黎明期を紹介しています。中には見慣れたデザインもあります。ラジオをデザインしたNorman Bel Geddesは、Dreyfussがかつて見習いとして働いたことのあるステージデザイナーでした。


‘Patriot’ radio for Emerson Radio & Phonograph Co. by Norman Bel Geddes (1893-1958)
‘Selectric’ typewriter for IBM in 1961 by Eliot Noyes (1910-1977)

Northern Birch / 北国のシラカバ

April 25, 2012

4 September 1957, Iceland
design: Mrs. B. Arnasson
Icelandic Birch and Norwegian Spruce

Cool mono colours, crisp intaglio engraving and simple composition.  These stamps evoke an adoration for the short and precious Northern Summer and praiseworthy energy of trees.


fresh leaves / 若葉の季節

April 22, 2012

24 January 2011, Finland
Birch bud and leaf
design: Teemu Ollikainen and Timo Berry

Here in South East England, we have been having this extreme weather – blue sky in the morning and thunder and heavy rain in the afternoon – for last two weeks.  These rains must be giving a great relief to farmers, forests and all plants in the country, after the record dry winter.  The little buds on the Silver Birch tree in front of our house have grown significantly.  Summer soon? ( or too early to say? )

This set of stamps from Finland were issued last year, using the same die-cut tool as the Water Ripple stamps in 2008 – the shape is working better this time, I think.



Bakelite telephone / ベークライト電話

April 12, 2012


10 March 1976, Sweden
Telephone Centenary
designer: Tom Hultgren
engraver: Zlatko Jakus

This telephone was already retro when the stamp was issued – the central image is an Ericsson DBH 1001 model, designed in 1929 by Norwegian designer Jean Heiberg.  I was reading about the development of the telephone, then found this picture in the article!

A line drawing of an earlier telephone receiver is on top and an electric circuit is framing this stamp – technical but somehow enchanting – a celebration of the great invention, which has turned into the now indispensable article.

この切手が出た時、この電話機はすでにレトロなデザインだったはず、、、と思いつつ電話機の歴史を読んでいて、この写真を見つけて嬉しくなりました。エリクソンDBH 1001型は1929年にノルウェー人の手でデザインされ、工業化が可能になった初期のプラスティック、ベークライトで作られました。


ring around / もしも〜し

April 9, 2012

10 March 1976 United Kingdom
Centenary of the first telephone call
by Alexander Graham Bell
design: Philip Sharland

In 1976, people celebrated the invention of the telephone, which dates from 100 years earlier.  I did not know that the first telephone conversation was made that early.  I am interested in listening to the voice coming through the ‘liquid transmitter’, though.

It seems there were two more people who claimed to be the inventor of the telephone – Elisha Gray ( who invented a Facsimile machine later ) and Antonio Meucci ( who is currently regarded as the first inventor of the telephone ).

This set of stamps are showing smiley people who are blessed by telephone – their handsets were still connected to the main machine by a wire – so you did not have to listen to the one way conversations in a train.




handset in the 1970s / 40年前の受話器

April 7, 2012


1972 Austria
completion of full automation
design: A Pilch

This black handset of a telephone is evocative – I remember that I thought the handset was bloody heavy when I first made a telephone call.  I think I was six or seven years old and had to support the handset with both hands whilst talking.  Young children today don’t know about those heavy things, as at the beginning of their memory there are mobile phones!

Although using only two colours, this stamp is attractive for me.  I particularly like the coiled telephone cord which is connected to the map of the country…



telephone in place of airmail / 電話の登場

April 4, 2012

1965 Korea

It is clear that the airmail service lost some of its importance in overseas communications to the telephone at some point.  By the mid 60’s international telephone links had expanded worldwide.  But at least on this stamp in 1965, the airmail envelope is depicted in front of a telephone handset – a little wistfully.


revolving around the sun / 衛星軌道の封筒

April 3, 2012

26 February 1996, United Kingdom
‘The cheque in the post’
cartoon by Jack Ziegler

I know this feeling that an envelope with an expected cheque takes extra long days to arrive to me.  I like the magnanimous attitude of the Post Office issuing this cartoon stamp!  I once used this stamp to send my invoice to a client – I forgot to check if the client had got this joke or even had noticed this stamp…


orbit airmail / 旋回エアメール

April 1, 2012


20 September 1964, Soviet Union
design: I. A. Kominarets

High speed airmail, orbiting around the earth.  Swoosh!