Maglia iridata


27 January 1979, Italy
World Championship of Cycling – Cyclo Cross

The rainbow jersey is known as ‘Maillot arc-en-ciel’ in French and ‘Maglia iridata’ in Italian.  This time, the stamps are showing Cyclo Cross – the athletes sometimes have to carry their bikes during the race.

These Italian stamps are kind of evocative – reminds me when I prepared for an entrance examination for the Art university in Japan.  I have a piece of paper and coloured pencils – then the brief says ‘You have five colours.  Make a colour composition in relation to the words – ‘Rainbow stripes’, ‘Cyclo Cross’ and ‘Speed’.  Condition: use geometrical lines only.  Time: 1.5 hours’.

In fact, the colours are nicely overlapped with knowledge of the print processes.




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