saving squirrels


12 May 1980, Sweden
‘Home’ Rebate stamp
design: M. Gavler

Since December I had this incident twice – I slammed on the brakes when I was almost running over a squirrel, which was tottering across the road.  They were both plump, had well-rounded bottom.  I though that was because we had a mild winter and they came out from hibernation too early – but someone told me that squirrels in London never hibernate, as they can find food all year round.

Well, maybe the squirrels don’t symbolize Savings any more – but those winter squirrels are certainly saving some fat on their body.  Better to watch out for little fluffy animals on the road, not to make them a victim of a traffic accident.

This stamp was in a booklet, which was distributed to all households in Sweden and they were valid for inland postage only, and gave a rebate on the normal cost for postcards and letters up to 100g.  This is why there is no face value.




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