year of the cat


1 December 2010, Vietnam
design: Nguyen Du

After I wrote ‘four days to the end of the year of Rabbit’, I realised that at the origin of the Chinese zodiac, new year does not come until 23 January 2012.  Also in Vietnam, one of the countries to follow the tradition of the Chinese zodiac, this year is the year of Cat.  This set of stamps were issued at the end of 2010, for the new year celebration of 2011.

Yes, the world consists of great diversity.  I want to learn more about those interesting differences and how people express their originality, through the world of stamps.



2 thoughts on “year of the cat

  1. do you know why in some countries the Year of the cat, is the Year of the rabbit (or even hare) and opposite ?

    Happy New Year to you !!

    1. I have no idea why the Rabbit year is changed to the Cat in Vietnam… just guessing that a king in their history really loved cats??

      I wish you have a happy new year, too!

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