embossed Machin


16 February 1999, UK
‘Profile on Print’ booklet
embossed by Walsall Security Printers
based on original design by Arnold Machin

Can you not see the Queen?  Please click the image larger.

When the first Penny Black was introduced in 1840, the post office must have sold them a lot and made a fortune – the second printing method they introduced after intaglio, in 1847, was the rather costly technique of embossing.

This embossed Machin was made to celebrate those rare ( and now expensive ) achievements of 1847-1854 high value definitives.  The die for the press was based on the original Machin cast.

Taking photos of this stamp was not easy!  Different light creates a diversity of expression in the Queen’s face.  One looks more prominent of relief but shows an anxious face, another is paler but with a noble atmosphere.  I experienced some of the difficulties of the team who took the photo for the Machin stamps in 1967.







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