run to a cinema?


11 March 2000, France
Tintin and Snowy
illustration by Georges Rémi ‘Hergé’

Yesterday and today are the world premiere of ‘The Adventure of Tintin – 3D‘ – the movie is shown in the cinema from tomorrow.  I watched YouTube clip of the trailer, also the channel 4 feature… well, rushing to a cinema?  Ummm… I realised that I am a fan of those distinctive black line drawings and well-chosen colour compositions.  I am not sure if I am keen to watch the 3D.  Is it a too conservative opinion?  Should it be good because it is directed by Steven Spielberg?

昨日と今日がワールド・プレミアで、明日から公開される『The Adventure of Tintin – 3D』。さて、映画館に走るべきなのか?トレイラーとチャンネル4のニュースまで観たけれど、スティーブン・スピルバーグがタンタンを「ティンティン」と発音するのにいちいちひっかかって困りました。タンタンだもん!そして気付いたのです。わたしはあの黒い線描とマットな着色が大好き!ということに。3Dなぁ、、、こんな困惑は保守的すぎますか?

2 thoughts on “run to a cinema?

  1. as you I am still hesitating… I am sure I’ll be disappointed… but on the other hand I am curious and want to see what Spielberg made of it…
    It may sound conservative, but no need to make a 3D movie to please a child, just put a Tintin comic in his hands !

    btw, did you see this year’s Tintin stamps issued by the Belgian post ?

    You can see pictures of the two movies made in the 60’s which were really great and close to Hergé’s atmosphere

    1. I have just seen the latest Tintin stamps by Belgium Post! They are talking about the 3D filming as well. The black & white 60’s films picture on stamps are nice, too!

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