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Tintin 3D / 立体タンタン

October 30, 2011

4 November 2004, Belgium
clay figure, sketch and illustration by Hergé (1907-1983)

In fact Hergé worked on 3D films and made clay figures for ‘Destination Moon‘ in 1953 and ‘Explorers on the Moon‘ in 1954.  The sketch shows his detailed design for that evocative Red & White checkered spaceship.

Then the Belgium post released a set of stamps which shows his Black & White stop motion animated film of 1947, based on his illustrated book of ‘The Crab with the Golden Claws‘ of 1941.

So – it’s not hard to think that he imagined quite a detailed ’real’ version when Spielberg told him his ideas about filming Tintin.  Was the concept of digital 3D indicated at that time already?




run to a cinema? / タンタン3D?

October 25, 2011


11 March 2000, France
Tintin and Snowy
illustration by Georges Rémi ‘Hergé’

Yesterday and today are the world premiere of ‘The Adventure of Tintin – 3D‘ – the movie is shown in the cinema from tomorrow.  I watched YouTube clip of the trailer, also the channel 4 feature… well, rushing to a cinema?  Ummm… I realised that I am a fan of those distinctive black line drawings and well-chosen colour compositions.  I am not sure if I am keen to watch the 3D.  Is it a too conservative opinion?  Should it be good because it is directed by Steven Spielberg?

昨日と今日がワールド・プレミアで、明日から公開される『The Adventure of Tintin – 3D』。さて、映画館に走るべきなのか?トレイラーとチャンネル4のニュースまで観たけれど、スティーブン・スピルバーグがタンタンを「ティンティン」と発音するのにいちいちひっかかって困りました。タンタンだもん!そして気付いたのです。わたしはあの黒い線描とマットな着色が大好き!ということに。3Dなぁ、、、こんな困惑は保守的すぎますか?

looking at the stars / 星空を見上げる

October 22, 2011

1 November 1978, Japan
Tokyo Astronomical Observatory Centenary
design: Kanji Takeara

I received a lovely postcard from Japan and this stamp was used.  I remember when this stamp came out – I was 12 years old, just after moving from a small town to the big city of Hiroshima, where I realised that I couldn’t find any stars in the sky.

Now I live on the edge of metropolitan London, but above the forest here there are more stars to be seen.  We had clear blue skies for last few days, similar to Japanese autumn sky, and I’ve been enjoying real stars, as well as the ones on this stamp.





big appetite in autumn / 食欲の秋

October 6, 2011


10 March 2005, Sweden
Europa / Gastronomy
design: Jenny Halling Sjostedt

There is a saying in Japan that your appetite grows in autumn.  Yes, I have eaten a lot in Istanbul last week and now here in Tokyo.  My appetite will be more developed in Hiroshima in the next week, then I will start to miss my everyday meal in London.

This is the third radish stamp in my collection.  In Europe, now is the time to make preserved food, the grace of forest.