girl scout 2 / ガールスカウト2

August 4, 2011


19 January 1957, Philippines
Girl Scout World Camp at Quezon City

The girl scouts movement started in Japan in 1920, but in the Philippines it started 63 years earlier, in 1857.  This clover leaf is the emblem of the girl scouts.  Simple and clean design, with four tents behind a silhouette of a girl, with a streak of cooking smoke… I get hungry somehow.

p.s. The Scouting Movement started 1907 – it seems the year 1857 on this stamps has nothing to do with the Scounting… a bit of mystery remains.



3 Responses to “girl scout 2 / ガールスカウト2”

  1. Jürgen Says:

    !?! I thought the Scounting movement celebrated their 100 years anniversary in 2007 !?

    • Tomoko Says:

      You are right, Jürgen… I now realise that Scouting movement had started in 1907. Did they misunderstood 50th anniversary for the 100???

      My next stamp is the 100 celebration one from Switzerland.

  2. Jürgen Says:

    I wrote a long comment on the other Scout stamp but it doesn’t appear… !? Did I forget to clic on “post comment” ? 😦

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