peace race / 平和な競争

July 25, 2011

27 April 1962, Poland
Peace Race, Berlin-Prague-Warsaw

The last day of the Tour de France is traditionally peaceful and friendly – until a few laps before the goal.  All the team members of the winner and lots of others wore yellow sun glasses this year, as if they praised everyone’s courage.  Yes, riding through 21 stages is already a huge achievement.

These stamps are celebrating the 15th Peace Race, which started in 1948 to recreate a friendly reunion between Czechoslovakia and Poland, then extended to Berlin in 1952.  ‘Peace’ in different languages shows how international the race was already in 1962.

I forgot almost – but the right hand side top corner of this stamp below is my blog icon picture.




3 Responses to “peace race / 平和な競争”

  1. Jürgen Says:

    I never thought you were such a big cycling fan !
    I really enjoyed those posts on that theme… having Flemish roots I always felt close to this sport has it is the “national” sport there. Merckx being the biggest champion !
    But those last years I lost a lot of interest due to those doping scandals and now I can’t see a race anymore without thinking about that… the Tour de France is to big and to long to do it in a clean way anymore… I prefere the Classics as Paris-Roubaix or the Tour of Flanders !

  2. Tomoko Says:

    I have been taking part in Retro Ronde for four years and enjoying cycling in Flanders – route with cobbles are not my best favourite, though.
    This event is at the same time of beer festival in Oudenaarde and naturally I drink a lot of beer.

    My partner took part in the Tour of Flanders Sportive, one day before the pro-race event this year and he rid through the ‘Muur’. His vintage bicycle blog is this;

  3. Jürgen Says:

    oho but you are more than just a bicycle fan ! you are an addict ! 😛

    I am very happy you enjoyed Flanders so much. You were lucky with the weather when I see the pictures. The Flemish are so proud about their “Ronde” ! And you see it during the race with this forest of black-yellow Flemish flags !

    I am lucky here in Switzerland we have perfect roads without cobbles 🙂

    I made a bit of cycling during my holidays. We were on the Channel Islands and it was a bit tough for us to ride on those narrow country roads and on the left … my girl friend had troubles with it. But we made also bicycle on the island of Sark who is a car-less island ! And that was a real pleasure.

    Nice vintage bicycles ! Mine is to recent … only 10 years old 🙂

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