wisdom and owl


1 June 1960, Switzerland
‘Symbols of Occupations’
design: H. Kumpel
engrave: H. Heusser

I was in Basel last weekend and found that blacksmith’s were very important to complete European townscapes, together with architects and builders.  Door handles, letter boxes, balconies and shop signs hang over the entrances, were hand made and express a love for their houses.

In this stamp, the owl is symbolising a succession of knowledge through generations – from fathers to their sons.  Now, daughters are joining them proudly and taking the T-shaped ruler and hammer in their hands!



3 thoughts on “wisdom and owl

  1. oh, you were in Switzerland last weekend ! 🙂

    I really love your website. So different from other philatelic blogs. You manage to put the stamp in the center of the attention.

    This Swiss stamp was also issued in a 4 stamps unperforated souvenir-sheet with the colors inverted (blue owl and golden background).

    I also found a website (in french) depicting owls on stamps…

    1. Wow! This site is amazing! All stamps are sorted by the type of owl.. Interesting to compare how people depict owls in different manner, though.

      Thank you for letting me know this!

      Basel was great – but a stamp shop I went was closed on Mondays!! Next time…

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