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The Enchanted Owl / 魔法のふくろう

May 30, 2011


27 January 1970, Canada
Centennial of the Northwest Territories
design: Norman E. Hallendy & Sharon Van Raalte
based on a stone-cut print by Kenojuak Ashevak

Since last autumn I have not heard the sound of an Owl at all, until tonight.  I am really pleased to hear it!

This beautiful Owl stamp is based on an Inuit artist‘s work from 1960, named ‘The Enchanted Owl’.  How magical the Owl was in their tradition – I would like to find out.  In Canada, the indigenous people’s full political rights were entitled in 1960 – two years earlier than the Australian Aborigine – just 51 years ago.  That is a suprise.



Aboriginal art / アボリジニのアート

May 23, 2011


1947 Australia

The British Museum has an Australian season over this summer, featuring art, crafts and history.  One of the curators of the British Museum was talking about Aboriginal art on the radio tonight and that reminded me of this stamp.

Featuring indigenous people’s art in 1947 was in fact very early compared to other countries which were settled by immigrants.  15 years later than this stamp, in 1962, all the Aboriginal tribes in Australia finally had the right to vote.



avant-garde in 1923 / 1923年の前衛

May 7, 2011


1923 Netherlands
design: N. J. van de Vecht

I am a great fan of letterpress stamps as they often have a beautiful naïveness and simple composition.  This one from the Netherlands must be very advanced in design at that time, compared to other conventional portraits of sovereigns.   I featured another set from 1926, the Dutch post office in the 1920’s was quite experimental in their artistic attitude.


1923年は日本の大正12年。J. H. モーガンが設計し建設に約3年かかったモダンな丸ノ内ビルヂングが春に完成、同年9月に関東大震災が起こりました。震災を生き残ったこのビルは残念ながら1999年に解体されました。もしも残っていたら、今回の地震で壊れていたかもしれないし、、複雑です。

sturdy nurse / 頼れる看護婦さん

May 3, 2011

15 December 1925, Belgium
Charity for Tuberculosis
design: Constant Dratz

I fell off my bicycle yesterday and had four stitches in my knee.  The nurse at the accident and emergency unit of the local hospital was very reassuring and highly professional.  She was very comforting and made a shocking ‘stitching session’ endurable.

This set of stamps from 1925 Belgium is depicting a sturdy nurse with supportive energy, appealing for a charity for people suffering from Tuberculosis.  This campaign was continued until the 1950’s, when the disease was almost exterminated in the Western World.