save energy


1 August 1981, Japan
Energy Saving
design: Sakae Maejima ( competition winner )
layout: Fumito Otani

It is not well broadcast abroad that in most of Tokyo people are having planned power cuts, up to 3.5 hours a day.  Many shops are open with reduced illumination, as well as in stations.  They must have a difficult time, even if they expect the black out they have to build their life around it.  But there are some positive comments on their situation – one found that the stars are so beautiful when the street lamps are out, another thought a restaurant was nice and intimate with a table lamp.

I thought I could find several stamps about Energy Saving, but found only a set of two, which were issued in 1981, just after the second oil crisis.  Since then people forgot to think about it for long time and power plants were built to sustain our wasteful habits.




3 thoughts on “save energy

  1. I like this Belgian set of 2009 – 5 ecological initiatives to preserve our environment (to bad they are self adhesive). But as you said, promotion through stamps is good but acts are better ! Each day I must fight with my colleagues to ask them to swith the light off while leaving a room, etc. No power plants anymore, ok. But are we ready to change our habbits ? I am not so sure…

  2. Do you mention this Belgium set?
    I agree, they could be a lot better if not self adhesive!

    In Japan, people have to save at least 30% energy if they do not want nuclear power station anymore. The shift has to be started anyway. Although they have sever time, there is a little hope for this change, positive for the earth environment…

  3. oops I’ve put the link to the Belgian stamps in the wrong place (if you clic on my name you’ll see them 🙂

    Yes, the Japanese have terrible times those days. 30% ? I guess it’s more or less the same here. I guess it’s not only a change of habbits but more a political change. We live in a capitalist world and energy is one of the pillars of our economical development. Less energy means less producing = less money!

    did you hear about that 2010 “green stamp” from Finland ?

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