a prayer for Japan


30 November 1989, Netherlands
design: Hans Kruit

I was in a hotel room in Tokyo when the earthquake hit Japan.  The room on the 10th floor was shaken badly, but nothing fell down, or was broken or cracked.  Soon I discovered that I was a lucky one – my family is all in the west part of Japan and all my friends in Tokyo and Sendai are fine, although some of them are concerned about their family in the stricken area.  My flight was delayed just 24 hours, and took off on Sunday, two days after the quake, when I returned to London.

Since I left Japan, I have been thinking what I can do.  Maybe right now I can donate for rescue activities, and to pray – for the souls of the victims to rest in peace and for servivors to have rest, comfort and medical care they need.  I am praying for safety of people who are working at the nuclear power station, too.




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