2000 Israel

Finally, the power of the people removed the Egyptian President.  Israel, which is sharing a border with Egypt is concerned about the future of its neighbouring countries.

This stamp was issued 11 years ago, not concerning the communication and networking which mobile phones are offering now, which are contributing towards change, but rather the so-called ‘micro wave effect’ to your brain, I guess.  It was discussed for a while, but we all forgot about it by now, didn’t we?



4 thoughts on “hazardous?

  1. you can’t stop technical evolution as they say…

    p.s. I love Israel still using their tabs under their stamps ! :o)

  2. it’s an option offered by Blogger. As your blog is hosted by WordPress, it seems that Blogger don’t really like it and don’t allow a thumbnail to be shown 😦 I wish it worked with all blog providers but it doesn’t 😦 sorry…

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