tree house


1966 Papua New Guinea

Jungles – people of the trees‘, a part of Human Planet series on BBC is fantastic.  The art of the tree house, up in the sky 35 meters high in Papua New Guinea, as well as the honey collector’s amazing tree climbing… it seems BBC iPlayer is not available outside the UK, but I am sure it will be on DVD in the near future, so I will announce.

These stamps were made when Papua New Guinea was a part of Australia.  You can see some similarity of their style to their masks and facial paintings in the program above.  It is our task to retain these variety of art of living to the future.

BBCの番組『Human Planet』シリーズはHNKの『人間は何を食べてきたか』に匹敵する素晴らしさです。iPlayerは英国内だけでしか観れませんが、すぐにDVD化されると思います。昨夜はその中の『Jungle – people of the trees 』が放映され、一本の縄だけで軽々と木に登る人、吹き矢で狩りをする人たち、地上35メートルの樹上に組まれた家など、パプアニューギニアの紹介が圧巻でした。


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