cycle lanes


6 September 1995, Germany
Stamp Day

I was in Köln last week and saw a lots of cyclists like this lady in the centre of the busy town.  Separated cycle lanes are placed between car lanes and pavements all over the town and suburban area.  You can take your bicycle into trams, as well as trains.  With this superb infrastructure, the cyclists are relaxed to move around, less cars and fuel consumption – as a result you become fit, too.  Why not those separate lanes in London??


2 thoughts on “cycle lanes

  1. Germany as Switzerland are real cycling paradises ! The build a lot of new infrastructure for cycling, lines, cycle-parks, priority lines and signals in order to promote cycling. I think it’s the futre especially in heavilly build urban places.
    I was in London last April and was surprised to see specific infrastucture for cycling but very few cyclists… why ? the weather ? the traffic ? But I am sure one day London will look like Cologne ;o)

  2. Hi, Jürgen

    Yes, weather might be one of the reasons – but fundamentally, those cycle lanes are not good. Not long enough to bring you home, not smooth enough to be relaxed, not carefully cleaned enough, so you find a lots of broken glass bottles in front of a pub…

    It take long time though, London become a bike friendly city.

    Tokyo is even worse, as cyclist ride pavement and crash to pedestrians.

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