fluffy animals / ふわふわした動物たち

January 10, 2011

4 April 1967, Germany-Berlin
Youth semi-postals ‘fur animals’
design: Froitzheim

I have posted several rabbit stamps already, recent ones, plus Miffy, Fibonacci number, Rabbit or Hare, White new year and Animal Welfare – rabbits are everywhere and popular animals to be featured on a stamp.

Yes, I found another one.  Simple and lovely series of animals, together with fox, hamster and weasel.  My favorite one is the fox.



4 Responses to “fluffy animals / ふわふわした動物たち”

  1. Jürgen Says:

    I love the Swiss rabbit stamp of 1991 ! the designer of this stamps, Celestino Piatti, is one of ma favourite artist ! He draw many Swiss stamps and also posters !
    Another Swiss artist, Hans Erni, made a Swiss stamp with a rabbit (an haze in fact) for the 1966 Pro Juventute set : http://i.colnect.net/images/f/140/306/Animals.jpg

  2. Tomoko Says:

    Thank you, Jürgen! It looks promising.

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