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cycle lanes / 日常の移動手段

January 26, 2011

6 September 1995, Germany
Stamp Day

I was in Köln last week and saw a lots of cyclists like this lady in the centre of the busy town.  Separated cycle lanes are placed between car lanes and pavements all over the town and suburban area.  You can take your bicycle into trams, as well as trains.  With this superb infrastructure, the cyclists are relaxed to move around, less cars and fuel consumption – as a result you become fit, too.  Why not those separate lanes in London??


Pooh and Me / プーと「僕」

January 22, 2011


12 October 2010, UK
work by Alan A. Milne ( writer ) and Ernest H. Shepard ( illustrator ) in 1926

Four more stamps are issued together with the set from the previous post, Pooh and Me.  I always thought this child was a girl, but in fact it is a boy, A. A. Milne’s son Christopher.



the last rabbit! / もう一兎

January 13, 2011


12 October 2010, UK
work by Alan A. Milne ( writer ) and Ernest H. Shepard ( illustrator ) in 1926

OK, the last rabbit of this season – and my best favorite set from last year.  This was issued under Europa, according to the theme of the year ‘Children Books’.  Many Europa stamps are featured in this Europa stamps blog, some future issues as well.  The theme of this year is ‘Forest’, as it is the International year of forests.  I am looking forward to it.

これが最後の一兎です。昨年の一番のお気に入りで、年賀状を送り出す時にも使った『くまのプーさん』がウサギに会うシーン。これはEuropa切手の昨年の共通テーマ「子供の本」に沿って出されたセットです。Europa切手の今年のテーマは「森」。すでにEuropa Stampsブログでは予告の画像が多数載っていますが、各国から出される森の切手の実物を楽しみにしています。


fluffy animals / ふわふわした動物たち

January 10, 2011

4 April 1967, Germany-Berlin
Youth semi-postals ‘fur animals’
design: Froitzheim

I have posted several rabbit stamps already, recent ones, plus Miffy, Fibonacci number, Rabbit or Hare, White new year and Animal Welfare – rabbits are everywhere and popular animals to be featured on a stamp.

Yes, I found another one.  Simple and lovely series of animals, together with fox, hamster and weasel.  My favorite one is the fox.



falling on one’s bottom / すってんころりん

January 8, 2011

*exch. 048

25 March 1977, Japan
Animal wrestling on ‘Choju-jinbutsu-giga‘ ( 12-13 Century )
layout: Saburo Watanabe

‘Choju-jinbutsu-giga’ means ‘Animal-person Caricatures’, drawn by unknown artists at a temple in Kyoto, between the 12th and 13th century.  This set of scrolls are regarded as the first Japanese manga.

In this scene, a rabbit is thrown by a frog in sumo wrestling, and not just the frog audience, but also the defeated rabbit are laughing.  I remembered this stamp when I slipped and fell on my bottom on the stairs of a friend’s house a few days ago.

『鳥獣人物戯画』(平安時代末期 – 鎌倉時代初期)
第2次国宝シリーズ 第3集



rabbity looking / うさぎらしいうさぎ

January 4, 2011

3 October 1988, Canada
Varying Hare: Small Canadian Mammals series
design: Peter Adam

There was a comment ( off-line ) on the previous post of Amami Rabbit – ‘it looks like a Rat!’…  All right – the length of the ears, isn’t it?  Here is a more authentically Rabbit looking one, but this is technically a Hare!

This is a definitive stamp, featuring a fluffy animal adopting its appearance to the Winter colour.  The surrounding pattern is ecovatively 80’s for me.



Happy New Year / あけましておめでとう

January 1, 2011

30 August 1974, Japan
Nature Conservation Series: Mammals
Amami Rabbit

Happy New Year!

This is the year of rabbit in Chinese astrology, which consists of 12 dedicated animals.  This rabbit from the South Island of Japan is an ancient type of rabbit, now endangered.  Mongooses released by island residents to kill poisonous snakes have killed a large number of Amami rabbits, too…

I would like to learn more about those delicate balances of enironment and biodiversity this year.