season of fish


1967 Japan ( from top: 10 March, 30 June, 10 February )
Fugu / painted by Shingo Yamada ( 1908 – 1977 )

I was grown up in Yamaguchi prefecture, which is known for Fugu fishing.  I remember once my grandfather caught this funny looking but poisonous fish and my mother took it to a fishmonger who had a license to prepare it for sashimi.

Recently I am more concerend about what I eat – not just the safety of it, but also the impact of commercial fishing on the environment.  Then I started to look up names and the recent statistics.  This list is helpful for getting some idea, from their names.

This stamp is listed on eBay!

トラフグ / 原画: 山田申吾 ( 明治41 – 昭和52 )



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