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first silhouette / 肖像がシルエットに

October 24, 2010

2 May 1966, UK
design: Leonard Rosoman
Queen’s portrait, adapted by David Gentleman from coinage

The first set of stamps with the Queen’s shilhouette – improvement in design and four different, delicately selected blue backgrounds matching the colours of the pictures. The silhouettes still occupy a large space on each stamp, but they are already proving that it was a good idea!


before the silhouette / 女王の肖像

October 23, 2010

15 November 1965, UK
Centenary of International Communication Union
design: Andrew Restall

British stamps have no name of the country – instead they have a silhouette of the Queen.  This simplified mark started in 1966 and before then all the stamps had a little portrait of the Queen.

This set of stamps have beautiful composition and colours, by the same designer of Racket Sports of 1977, and you can see how difficult it is to combine modern graphics and the portrait with a State crown.  It is interesting to read the discussions on this problem in the British Postal Museum & Archive, and see a few trial designs without the portrait, which were not issued.



racket sports / ラケット系

October 15, 2010

12 January 1977, United Kingdom
design: Andrew Restall

I haven’t ridden my bike for 4 weeks and feel really unfit.  I need a table tennis in my studio, as I can do some exercise whatever the weather outside.

This set of stamps are depicting movement of balls hit by rackets.  Beautiful contrast of White and other colours, flat shadowed people located in great sense of space – I like them a lot.



Autumn colours / 秋の色

October 4, 2010

14 September 1993 United Kingdom
‘The Four Seasons – Autumns’
Horse Chestnut, Blackberry and Pear
design: Charlotte Knox

It was windy and rainy typical autumn weather here last two days, the Epping Forest is wet and colourful – autumn leaves and coloured fruits.

These stamps are printed with ‘Conventional gravure’ method, which makes printing ink appear thick on the paper, allowing glossy depth in the picture.  They are symbolical stamps for me to represent impression of Britain.