devil in your mind?


15 April 1967, France
‘The Carriage of Pere Junier’ by Henri Rousseau
engraved by Pheulpin

I feel really tired today and realise that I drive meanly.  Not allowing anyone cuts in, didn’t give way when one was wanting to cross.  Then I saw this stamp, picture from Henri Rousseau – ah, this is it! A little devil sitting in my car, doesn’t allow me to be generous…

The original picture was painted in 1908, now owned by Musée de l’Orangerie.  This intaglio interpretation is nicely done, trying to evoke its original’s atmosphere.


『ジュニエ爺さんの二輪馬車』という題のついたアンリ・ルソーの代表作の一枚(オラン ジュリー美術館収蔵)は亡くなる2年前の1908年に描かれ、丁寧な凹版印刷で切手になっています。小さな悪魔の顔が意外とかわいいので、拡大します。


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