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Southern paradise / 南方楽園

September 29, 2010


21 September 1968, France
‘Arearea’ by Paul GauguinArearea‘ (1892)
engrave: Durrens

A retrospective of Paul Gauguin is starting tomorrow at Tate Modern in London.  In relation to this, there are TV and radio programs, talking about this artist’s life – it seems a lot of people think he was immoral.  Perhaps we have to see his works, to judge if he was a bit out of the way or was lucky to have a different approach to others of that time.

The title of this picture ‘Arearea’ means joyousness in Polynesian language. Interpretation of the original by engraver is very interesting – it was a challenge within limited printing colours as well, and it is done really well.



devil in your mind? / 魔がさす?

September 28, 2010


15 April 1967, France
‘The Carriage of Pere Junier’ by Henri Rousseau
engraved by Pheulpin

I feel really tired today and realise that I drive meanly.  Not allowing anyone cuts in, didn’t give way when one was wanting to cross.  Then I saw this stamp, picture from Henri Rousseau – ah, this is it! A little devil sitting in my car, doesn’t allow me to be generous…

The original picture was painted in 1908, now owned by Musée de l’Orangerie.  This intaglio interpretation is nicely done, trying to evoke its original’s atmosphere.


『ジュニエ爺さんの二輪馬車』という題のついたアンリ・ルソーの代表作の一枚(オラン ジュリー美術館収蔵)は亡くなる2年前の1908年に描かれ、丁寧な凹版印刷で切手になっています。小さな悪魔の顔が意外とかわいいので、拡大します。


un grand merci / 大感謝

September 12, 2010


1 March 2005, France
design: BEN ( Benjamin Vautier )

It is said ‘Autumn is for Art’ in Japan.  Hot summer has finally gone and people start to read again and go to museums.  It was really too hot this summer to think – well, I have just experienced two weeks of it, and it was enough.

Anyway, I am back on this blog and featuring stamps by Benjamin Vautier, known as Ben is one of Fluxus artists.  He has a funky website, but did not tell me about his stamps at all ( my French problem ), I found the issue year finally on French wikipedia!  These stamps remind me an installation at Ecole d’art à Blois completed in 1995, named ‘Mur des mots’.

I am having my first solo exhibition at Rocket Gallery in East London from 18 September and these stamps express my current feeling as well.



この秋、London Design Festival時期に東ロンドンのRocket Galleryにて初めての個展を開くことになり、やっと今週、招待状を送ります。この2枚の切手は、わたしの今の心情をよく表現してくれています。